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As Malaysia sets to embrace Industry 4.0, businesses are finding solutions in adapting to the change that comes with smart manufacturing and Internet of Things. Maintaining the quality and efficiency in production is necessary to this development.  
This is where SMART NATION 2020 comes to bring the nation’s businesses together for the goal of development and discussion on Industry 4.0. A landmark Event aiming to provide a road map outlining Malaysia’s journey to becoming a fully integrated smart nation, SMART NATION 2020 is the region’s showcase of smart technology and its applications on manufacturing industries. The business-to-business Expo is set to take place in MITEC, Kuala Lumpur from 8-10 September 2020.

There are over 10 clusters representing the industrial sectors of the economy during the Expo. From Smart Education to Smart Energy, the Expo attracts hundreds of industry players networking under one roof.

SIRIM-certified companies are invited to participate and showcase in SMART NATION 2020. Various participating groups and government officials in the Expo include: the Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia, Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau, Central Bank Malaysia, Malaysia Automotive, Robotics & IoT Institute, PLAN Malaysia, Malaysian Investment Development Authority, Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, & Climate Change, KLIA Transit, the Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia, Fintech Association of Malaysia, SIRIM, Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association, Malaysia GBC, Electric Vehicle Association Malaysia, The Japanese Chamber of Trade & Industry Malaysia, and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation.

Hosted by the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), the Expo brings key businesses in exploring Malaysia’s digital transformation through the means of emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Smart solutions will help to improve efficiency, utilisation and service delivery for energy production, storage, transmission, and distribution to end users. Join our industry-oriented platform and reach out to the market for your business objectives and reach out to thousands of potential buyers. Grab a booth today by contacting Rina at rina@ambtarsus.com.
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